Tik Tok for PC or Mac/Laptop/Windows 10,7,8 (Step By Step Guide)

Tik Tok for PC or MacLaptopWindows 10,7,8 (Step By Step Guide)

Do you Want to Download And Install Tik Tok for PC/Mac?

And You Don’t Know how to Download And Install Tik Tok App on PC/Mac?

Don’t Mind.

I Got You The best Guide which can explain you the best way to get Tik Tok App on PC or Mac/Windows.

So you just have to do is follow the article exactly.

And get The app with in 2-4 minutes time on your PC or Mac.T

1.About Tik Tok App

I don’t need to mention how popular is Tik Tok App.

Tik Tok is a short Video Mixing Platform Where you will perform, mimic and dance on pre-recorded videos available on Tik Tok Library.

And you Can Able to Tell Your Story in a 15 sec span.

You can act or Make meme of your favorite movie dialogues or perform the dance on best music.

Do you Belive People Are Making Money Out of It.

If you Were a Popular And Having Having A Huge Follower Base, May some of the Business owners come to you ask for promoting their content or Product.

2.Download Tik Tok For PC on Windows/ Desktop/Computer

After Hearing so many Good things about the Tik Tok App.

People Love to try It on their wide screen of the PC/Mac.

So we have planned to write this guide so that you can able to download Tik Tok For PC. In Order To Download Tik for PC or Tik Tok for Mac, We need to run the Andriod Emulator CAlled As Bluestacks.

Below we have mentioned the detail procedure to Get Tik Tok App on PC.

3. Install Tik Tok for PC/Windows.

  1. Download The Andriod Emulator which allows you To Run The Tik Tok App on PC.
  2. Here is the Link of Bluestacks Download the emulator from Here.
  3. Once the Download Process ends Now install it on a PC.
  4. After That set Up the Play Store with Required Google Gmail Account.
  5. Over the Play store type for the term”Tik Tok for PC”.
  6. And tap on it.
  7. You will find the app over here.
  8. Try to install it.

After the installation Process ends try to open and Play Tik Tok for Windows PC.

Tik Tok for PC or MacLaptopWindows 10,7,8 (Step By Step Guide)
Tik Tok for PC or Mac,Laptop,Windows 10,7,8 (Step By Step Guide)

If you were A Mac user ,let’s see how to download and Install Tik Tok for Mac by using the Andy OS Emulator.

4.Download Tik Tok for Mac/IOS

  1. Download Andy from Here.
  2. Andy is an Emulator.
  3. Helps in Running IOS Apps on Mac.
  4. Now you Should Launch the Emulator on Your Mac.
  5. After That try to set up your App store with An Apple ID.
  6. Now on Apple Store Search for the App”Tik Tok for Mac”
  7. And start installing the App from Here.

Hope you have installed it successfully.

5.Alternatives of Tik Tok For PC

Here are the best alternatives of Tik Tok for PC and Mac/Windows.

Tik Tok lite is basically designed to support the app for low-end devices and it has as many features as original Tik Tok Has.

Dubsmash is one of the popular acting app, which allows you to dub the popular movie dialogues.

Like is as similar to tik tok and it is recently getting popular among the masses.

IGTV comes from the Instagram Developers, where you can share and get popular your short videos and build fans.

6.Features of Tik Tok for PC and Mac

  • Allows you to watch unlimited favorite videos from across the world.
  • You can able to watch here millions of creators work.
  • If you want to create a Tik Tok Video you can add the video or music from the Tik Tok Library.
  • Bundle of Emoji and Stickers available out there.
  • Great tools for Trim, cut, and Merge.
  • Discover videos from various categories like food, Dance, singing, Comedy, Vlog, Sports, etc.

7.Pros and Cons of Tik Tik for PC/Mac App


  • Get your mind relaxed by watching unlimited comedy on Tik Tok
  • Visit all over the World from your Comfort Place.
  • Tik Tok Making money these days.
  • Get Popular and Grow your Fan BAse across the world.
  • Improve Acting Skills if you want to become an actor.
  • Can CAtch the Eyes of Cinema Directors.
  • You MAy end of becoming a celebrity.


  • Teenagers addicting the entertainment App.
  • Responsible for Vulgar, Nude and some trolls which can hurt on some of the individuals.
  • Youth Life Style Can Spoil.
  • Seen Few Deaths over the period because of Tik Tok App.
  • I had come to know one guy committed suicide after he acted as Gay in A Tik Tok Video after that person in real life treating him as Gay And start abusing him and trolling.


In the end, we have explained the exact the details what we have promised in our topic covering section.

We have discussed the fats and future of the Tik Tok App and How it is affecting the lives of people and Reality.

And What the Advantages or cons one can have if they are trying to become a Tik Tok Creator. make your Life worst.

So do thing before you put any videos on Tik Tok app, because it can harm your identity or can

The Guide has so much to offer you, and the steps provided here are simple and easy there is no need to worry if you were failing to get this app over your Windows PC or Mac.

You just have to do is try to tell your problem by emailing us or by comment.

Please do share this guide Tik Tok for PC or Mac/Laptop/Windows 10,7,8 (Step By Step Guide) to your beloved ones so that they can easily get this app on their Laptop/PC and Mac.etc

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